Friday, December 21, 2007

"keep it gutta"

a couple of pics from homeless breakfast this thursday morning along with some thoughts from those who help serve.these are some of my favorite friends on the planet!!!!
"Homeless breakfasts has always captivated my attention. From the first time I went I have been amazed at the need that is just right around the corner. From the conversations you have to the breakfast you can look into their eyes and see you are making a difference. Perceptions are shattered, hearts are changed, and lives are transformed and this is all over breakfast. When you pull away pieces of your heart are still left with them. You go in the hopes of trying change lives but instead you leave with yours transformed." -chris val

Almost a year ago, we started feeding the homeless breakfast on Thursday mornings. In the beginning, we fed about twenty people. Since then, we've seen it grow to almost 100 people. It's amazing to see how such a small thing can be such a great blessing to these people. While serving on Thursday mornings, you get to know these people. They become more than just faces – you know their lives' stories.I realized, that we do more than just feed the people breakfast on Thursday mornings. Because of Jesus inside us, we can give them hope when we hand them a breakfast, we can help them realize God's plan for their lives when we pray with them, and we can let them know they aren't forgotten when we ask them how they're doing. every thursday morning im reminded of how great our God is and how much he cares about his people. Im reminded what my purpose is and what the purpose of the church is – to serve and love the people and that it's all about Jesus."- gabby leblanc

Thursday, December 13, 2007

this is a pic of me and my boy the haminator last week over in sicily.....that massive mountain behind us is actually the worlds largest active volcano=mt. etna. anyway, we had an amazing time in sicily and i cant wait to head back over. ill post some more pics from the trip soon.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

nasty beats

this guy is amazing...tell me whatcha think?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


as most of you know, everybody calls me "tweezy,tweez,or dr.tweez." any variation of tweezy is accepted and encouraged. WHY tweezy? well, it would take me forever to explain why so all i can say is that it has nothing to do with THIS.

Monday, November 12, 2007

humphrey who?

ahhhhhhhhhhhh.......can someone bring me some counter culture plz? i'd like a humphrey yougart no grapes and light on the bannannas.......yummy!!!!! if your not from around here then you wont understand,sorry:(

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


ahhhhhhhh!!!! i like to introduce you to my new grill. it came in about a million pieces so my good friends Chis Val and Jared "mantiss" Ray helped put it together. actually they put the entire thing together and i did nothing except for put the battery in the igniter switch and when i tested it Jared happened to be holding the wire that sends the electricity and so it shocked him really bad..YEAHYA!! it was awesome!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

introduce the Christ

lately i've kinna been into a lil spoken word and so a friend of mine told me about this clip so i figured i'd share it with all my beautiful people!!! its seven minutes long but its really savage so ENJOY :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

the beez baby

the highlight from "live the dream".......those tights had all the ladies goin crazy...and J.P. did a great job choreographing the dance i would have to say. the conference was awesome...mad kudos to all the chicks who threw this 5star weekend.

Friday, October 19, 2007

trolls and truth

here's a great quote from a book I'm currently reading:
"Missions is not an action of a handful of global church advocates in a foreign land, but the loving drive of the God who is a missionary God reclaiming all of His creation from the inner cities to the suburbs to the ends of the earth. Biblical justice is not sending money to a hunger organization at thanksgiving, but collectively working to overturn the systemic patterns that cause the haves to have more and the have-nots to sink further into poverty. Evangelism is not slipping a four spiritual laws tract under the dinner plate as a tip to the unsaved waitress. It is building a caring relationship with her and her family which emanates Christ's compassion. Worship is not lifting hands to God alone, but lifting the downtrodden and rejected as well."

thanks to the leblanc family for this slammin book!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

the smell of ministry

this is a pix of our closing prayer after homeless breakfast prayed by my boy St. peter(guy in the khaki). here's the funny thing about Pete....Pete smells very very bad and spits alot when he speaks and did i mention that he loves to hug you and talk real close about how thankful he is that we come share Jesus with him. when you leave homeless breakfast you leave smelling like "ST.PETE for men", if you know what i mean. i use to want to go home right afterward and shower and change so that i could get that smell off of me but not anymore....i kinna like carrying that smell throughout my day b/c it helps me carry Pete throughout my day. today i couldn't stop thinking about much God loves him and people like him. its the smell of the poor, the forgotten, the abandoned.....Jesus loves that smell!!! Jesus is drawn to that smell.... could it be true that the very smells that we turn our nose from God turns His heart to?
do you love that smell?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

the black stallion

i havent seen the stallion in over a week but last nite the 5.0. came beaten down my door at 3:45am to wake me up cuz they found her....ahhhhh! i pick her up tomorow....cross your fingers cuz i dont know the damages yet, all i know is they busted the windows out but thats cool cuz the a.c. dont work anyway so now i got that "ascension perish all natural a.c." hahahahaha anyway, GOD is good.

Monday, October 1, 2007

its just a test

2 weeks ago i preached out of Job 1 about being tested...job's story is a story of incredible loss but also incredible devotion. his response to everything being stripped from him was "i came into this world with nothing and i will leave with nothing, the lord gives and the lord takes away BUT BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!!!" after all the test Job went thru you end up in chapter 42 where God gives him double what he had before. my point was: "faith thats never been tested cant be trusted." God wants to trust you with more but first there must be a test.

well after that sermon i felt like God said to get ready for your test jason...."have you considered my servant tweezy?" well, this past week has definitely been a test. on Monday my wife got in a wreck,Tuesday her family had some serious things come down,Wednesday my family had some issues,Friday i got in a wreck and on Sunday morning i went outside to leave for church and my car had been stolen. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!!" OYA, MY INSURANCE COMPANY IS NOT COVERING IT!!!PRAIZE EM. but you now what? faith thats never been tested cant be trusted and im just thankful that God has counted me trustworthy of this test b/c when my chapter 42 comes i know God will give me double for my trouble.

#42 God will give you double for yo trouble hahahaha

Thursday, September 27, 2007


i was hanging out at morning prayer a couple of days ago and i looked up above the door that exits the annex(which is the room we use for REFUGE our youth service) and i had a thought.

"i wonder how many students will exit this door for the last time and still not know HIM? better yet, how many students from our youth will exit this life and enter eternity and still not know HIM? how many in this generation today will exit this life and enter eternity and not know HIM?

then last not at our service 15 students gave their hearts to JESUS and one girl came up to me and Jennifer (my rib) and she said,"i'll never exit these doors the same again...tonight i gave my life to Jesus and i know where i'll spend eternity."
i love it...its about peoples eternity and the moment i forget it i need to jus shut it down.

HAMANISM#41 "i wont leave here like i came, in Jesus name..." hahahahaha

Friday, September 21, 2007

the joshua problem

do you remember those cheezy leadership pix that made for nice office decor a couple of years back? i actually went to this guys house (a bachelor obviously)who had a collection of these cheezball posters hung on every wall of his looked like he robbed office depot? hahah anyway i have a couple of thoughts to share on leadership.
moses trained Joshua as an apprentice. sadly,Joshua never trained a Joshua. leaders must see that part of their job is training the next generation to lead behind them. LEADERS MULTIPLY. Moses knew that “success without a successor is a failure.” i thought about this and asked myself 2 questions: “who am i developing as the next generation of leaders?” and “what am i doing to develop them?” Because “the chief goal of a leader is not to build followers, but to build more leaders.” WHO IS YOUR JOSHUA?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

mo blog please come back to me

well,well,well......i feel like a stranger to the blog world but here i am not really in full swing but at least i'm swingin!!! still no mo-blog but i'm workin on it.

last wednessday nite was increedible to have pastor dino chillin with us down at our youth service...he preached about that old chick from 2 sammy 20 that choped off sheba's was heeps good!!!! p diddy is the most amazing pastor on the planet!!!!! mad kudos to you rizzonator for showin up and actin rowdy with us.

o' all you weirdos from refuge and pathfinders dont forget about the 12 o clock service at highland on the weekends.....its officially the youth takeover service....VIP seating......mad crazy worchip.......the GHOST ya, come sit by the rest of us psychos during service every weekend at the highland campus 12'oclock service. i'll see you there sucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

i need a support group

just wanted everyone to know that i apologize that i haven't posted lately....i know, it makes me sad too. the reason is because i usually post from my phone but i just got a new phone and it isn't letting me mo-blog......i promise to get this problem fixed.....please keep me in your prayers cuz i'm having a really tough time with this!!!!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Jesus or Kenny G?

this is a pic i took over at a friend"s parents house.....very weird!!! their Jesus looks like "Kenny G." but something inside me just tells me that my Jesus looked nothing like this guy. theres this amazing book by phillip yancey called the Jesus i never knew that will rock your face off. it talks about the real Jesus, and how the real Jesus is prolly nothing like we imagine....pretty cool so check it out.

Friday, August 3, 2007

alabama on a mission

this is a pic of jared ray and 4.5 waiting at the entrance of p.f. changs like papparazzi for a guy that had the biggest and baddest unibrow in the world. the mission was a success and i'll consider posting the pic later today once i stop laughing at how ridiculous my friends are.

not he best pic in the world but is shane and shane busting up some worship at the desperation conference im at right now. God is doing so many great things in our generation....its awesome to be here at this great church (church of the highlands) i'll give you a link later.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

messed up

this question has messed me up......i wrote it in my journal but its engraved in my heart. "am i living a life worth telling stories about?" what about you? is your life worth telling stories about?

Saturday, July 28, 2007


that cat from "korn" that got saved gave this nasty beast to the youth department at the
l.a. dreamcenter and every wednessday they give it to one of the students with like a tank of gas and a free nite on the town or something!!!! sorry refuge all i got is my moms gangsta buick....hahahaha

Thursday, July 26, 2007

my moms buick has a demon

today me and a couple of my students decided to hook my mom up with some chrome hubcaps on her car as a lil joke. we looked for spiners but this was the most gangsta set i could find....anyway, while i was tryin to put these sweet rims on in the parkin lot of walmart i accidently sliced a whole in the tire....opps! SO, going along with the gangsta flow i looked in my moms trunk for some ductape to do a lil patchwork but all i found was some band aids so bandaids it was. i figured that the bandaids would get me to the tire store and i could just get a samll patch and be cool. BUT to my surprise i ended up having to purchase a new tire.ouch! my $15 joke rims turned into a $100 surprise for mom. point of the story: to be gangsta it may cost you some bling

Saturday, July 21, 2007

family in L.A.

this is my new friend "robert." he has lived on skid row for 20plus years. cool thing is that i got to pray with him yesterday and just listen to his story...the "ear" ministry is prolly the most effective ministry here on the streets cuz everyone has a story and everyone loves to tell their story. roberts story is much like the rest of the people you meet here....marked with pain, loneliness and addiction. BUT he told me that 3months ago he gave his life to Jesus..i know sometimes its hard to believe it when people tell you that they are followers of Jesus and yet their life looks like a wreck right? but something inside of me compelled me to believe him...maybe God reminding me that my life often looks like a wreck and yet God doesnt question my devotion to Him. robert said he quit "using" about three months ago but he wanted me to pray that God would help him in his pursuit to stay
clean. so i prayed..and me and robert wepted and hugged each other in a croud of 300 homeless people!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the well on sunset boulevard

today were servin up a lil lemonade on sunset bl and prayin for's really awesome to think that God can take a refreshing cup of lemonade with no strings attached....and use it to draw a thirsty man or woman to the well of His grace. today im reminded of the woman at the well that met Jesus.....she was broken,empty,and thirsty....longing for somethin to fill her emptiness....then she met Jesus. i love how ;esus takes something so common as water to connect with her about her thirst for "living water".....he said "the water i can give you will satisfy you for good....youll never thirst agan." today Jesus still mets people at their the well was sunset bl and insted of water he used lemonade to communcate His desire to quench their thirsty satisfy the longing that they will never be able to fill on their own. cool thing about the john 4 woman is that
once she met Jesus she left her empty jar at the well....i hope today that someone did the same

are there tacos in heaven?

this is me and a couple of the guys from the L.A. trip....we were starving and we ran into this hot lil joint on sunset bl called the burrito king...slammin!!! the best carne asada tacos on the planet. we got lucky when we stumbled across this holy ghost taco stand cuz it sure beats the fish\mystery sea creature they were servin up in the cafeteria back at the dreamctr....there definately will be tacos in heaven

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

this massive bldg behind me is the L.A. dreamcenter....i'm here with 24 of our h.s. students doin a lil missions.....i've got tons to post about but no time now so i'll hook you up with some slammin pics and post over the next 2 weeks....i promise!!! wait till you hear some of the stories....its gonna rock your face off :]

Friday, July 13, 2007

hearts of stone

this is a pix of me and the greatest youth band on the planet! on Thursday GOD rocked our faces off.....we had the opportunity to bust up a summer school chapel at christian life academy
and God so amazed us like He always does. you can prolly imagine the type of crowd we were workin with...."summer school" enough said right? i myself was part of the 5 year summer school plan at C.L.A and i remember everyone including myself were not too happy about participating in a 1hour chapel considering at that point in my life i was not a follower of Jesus and neither was 95% of the rest of the bunch.....

well, thursday the crowd looked just like the crowd from my summer school days= "hearts of stone" with faces to prove it. well, the band opened up with 3 rockin songs and then finished with Tab breakin out a lil GHOSTFEST "the more i seek you" and at that moment you could just sense the presence of God overtake the room. well by the time i got up to speak the table was already set and i could just sense that God was bout to do something.....i really didn't know what to speak on and i only had 18min to cover whatever i was going to, so i just preached the raw gospel.

billy graham once said," the only regret i have is that i didn't preach the gospel enough." that thought rang in my heart and i knew i may not get the chance to speak to these students ever again and i definitely didn't want to walk away with regrets so i went for it. at the close of the service the altars were flooded with students weeping and crying ( summer school) and i couldn't believe it! we began praying with the students as the band began to play the song "Jesus paid it all..." and at a place in the song the lyrics say," Lord, now indeed I find
Thy pow’r, and Thine alone,
Can change the leper’s spots
And melt the heart of stone."

WOW! thursday it was not good music or good preaching that changed cannot do what i saw...only the gospel of Jesus Christ can melt a heart of stone. i hope i never forget the power of the gospel...there's nothing more precious and more powerful than that...nothing. the crazy thing is that over seven years ago i had i dream of me preaching at CLA...i actually sat down the principal at that time and told him that i felt God wanted me to speak to the school and here we are seven years later and God gave the band and me an opportunity to serve. WOW! Habakkuk 2 says,"For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail Though it tarries, wait for it;For it will certainly come, it will not delay.

Monday, July 9, 2007

well......i wanted to switch things up today so i decided to drive my moms car(a sweet 1998 hunter green BUICK century).....sweat me! anyway, i drive 2 minutes down the street, hop out real fast and locked the keys in the car.....praize em! oya and it was raining...praize em 2times!!
so i end up calling the biggest monopoly know to man..."pop-a-lock." the guy bust up in my moms ride in less than 2minutes flat....then gives me an invoice for fifty smackers. i hate pop a lock! the point of the story...don't ever drive a green buick cuz its bad luck.

i think im goona put some spinners on the buick...ya, thats what i'll do

Friday, July 6, 2007

i work with the YMCA.....griffis and 4.5....what a bunch of losers!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

help for nag champas bride

i need a massive favor from all my homies....a freind of mine needs your votes and below is a breif description of what it's all about. i was gonna try explain it myself but i was scared that i would mess it up so i cut and pasted this from the haminators blog.

.... great woman in our church, Kacy Edwards, is a former teacher with a heart for the kids of our community. She quit teaching to start an organization called “Career Compass of Louisiana”, which helps high school seniors with their post-secondary endeavors at no charge. Kacy and another former teacher, Julie Scott, go into high schools and sit one-on-one with the kids, offering college and career coaching to them for free! Not only do they inform the students about the more than 30 schools in the area, but they also help them fill out SAT/ACT applications, federal financial aid forms, post-secondary applications, scholarship applications, and anything else they may need to pursue their goals and dreams. They met with and assisted over 500 seniors in EBR parish last year and have plans to expand into Ascension, WBR, Livingston, Iberville and other surrounding areas.

I say all that because Burger King is sponsoring a contest where they will give $50,000 to a winning cause. Out of more than four-thousand organizations, Career Compass has already made the top TEN - but in order to win, they need your help! (Sidenote: they are a two person non-profit up against much larger corporations) You can vote once a day between now and July 13 at You can also text message COMPASS to 287437(BURGER). If you’re on the forgetful side, check out and sign up for daily reminder. Voting will only take a second, but the money Career Compass might win could change the lives of thousands of teenagers in our state. They might even help change the life of someone you love.

Kacy’s relationship with HPC gave her the courage to start this whole thing. Her passion is education and she is leading the charge to change lives in Louisiana. Let’s step up and put this state on the map for something amazing! I’m voting every day- are you?

there are just a few days left in the voting. You can vote every day by sending a text message to 287437 or by clicking here. Read more about what this is about here.

Please do your best to vote every day - it’s free - it matters a ton. Thanks.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

submerge 07

left to right(al makavee, rev. spike, the docta)

sorry to all my readers that i haven't posted in a while i just needed to make it thru summer camp....WOW! God dropped the ghost bomb on us at submerge. we had over a thousand students from all over the nation gather to submerge themselves in the presence of God and it was amazing! we saw hundreds of students saved and changed by God and then on the last day we did a massive baptism at the beach. it was great to have so many awesome Church's and youth pastors there to celebrate what God is doing in our generation. also, mad props to rev. spike for bringing the heat!!!

acts 13:36 "David full filled the purpose of God in "HIS" generation...." i love that.... "his" generation. not just the next generation....not just this generation.....but his generation....this verse reminds me of how I've gotta take ownership for this generation....ownership=responsibility. I'm responsible for my generation. i love what billy graham once said, " there's nothing we can do for the past generation and there's not much we can do for the future generation but we will stand before the judgement seat of the ALMIGHTY GOD and give an account for what we did with "our generation."

Friday, June 8, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

nexgen-where the chickens kickin

next gen nite coming up june 22 at 8pm at the highland campus arena....we're gonna all gather for for an awesome nite of worship and prayer for the lost, summercamp and this huge building that God is building thru us up on this's like a ginourmous hospital that He's gonna use to reach hurting pep's. GOD is so cool! the invite is for all you weirdos not just youth. i will try to talk pastor dino into hookin us up with some Cane' in prayer for God to lay that on his heart. find this sign you see above and thats where we"ll be. see ya there homie

Sunday, June 3, 2007

give a brotha some corn rows

this is a sweet pix of an elevate intern, now a staffer, from hpc.his name is Michael ba-monday, and yes he is rockin that young Einstein flow. sorry ladies....he's is an incredible servant that loves God and a great friend of mine but seriously on a scale from 1-10 where does bamonday rate as a serial killer? okay,maybe he doesn't look like a killer but somebody needs to hook em up with some corn rows(kudos to fabian for my spelling correction)cornrolls to corn rows!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

biscuits of grace

this morning before we headed down town to have our weekly breakfast with our homeless brothas and sistas we hooked up for prayer. well, while i was praying i had a thought ...."what if one of these guys that i may talk to today is right on the edge and ledge just waiting, hoping, and praying that something could change....that something could break? what if just one conversation, one handshake, or even one smile could be the very thing that pushes them right over the edge and ledge right into the depths of God's grace? what if todays their day of salvation?

so as cheezy as it may sound i began to pray that these biscuits today would be more than biscuits. that they would be God's grace extended toward them. you never know....they may be one biscuit away from experiencing the life God intends from them. might sound crazy but ask "Thadeus"(a guy from this morning) about those bisquits....he went over the edge today....he gave his life to JESUS. mmmmmmm biscuits of grace with a side of SALVATION. yeahya

Sunday, May 27, 2007

my rib

this is the most beautiful woman in the RIB. thats rib. i took this pix this weekend while me and jenn celebrated our 2 year anniversary in New Orleans. i am so blessed to have such an amazing wife.....she loves God with all her heart, she loves doing ministry and she knows how to put up with me. WOW.....i'm crazy blessed. if your not married then your missin out....its slammin unless your married to a freak. o'ya if your down in the quarter check out a sweet restaurant called jacques-imos-cafe it's awesome.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

breakfast of champs

today i tried out some new cologne i got for my anniversary and i got attacked at franks by a giant sewer rat that escaped from the kitchen. just joking...haha. i love franks but my digestive track doesnt. GOD BLESS GREASY STUFF FROM FRANKS!

weirdo alert

wednessday nite dont forget about the tarantula eatin missionary chad daniel .....its gonna be slap nasty outta contol. 6:30pm at the aneex

Saturday, May 19, 2007

quote of the day

" Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there."

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


if you "do life" here at HPC then you prolly noticed the massive structure that is erupting from the ground (also known as the HPC ARENA which is the new worship space we're building. well, just in case your wondering WHY we are building this massive building i thought i would remind you with a picture i took this past weekend of a purple chair being reserved "g-town" style with a coat hanger.WOW! seats are scarce at HPC and thats why we are building because we need more seats because every chair=a person and every person matters to God. at hpc we just wanna reach more people and if we have to build 50 more buildings then we'll do it because "they" are worth it and HE is worthy. until then...bring your coat hangers cuz you might lose yo seat.

o new address is So, change my link on your roll sucka!

Monday, May 14, 2007

S.O.S. yall

i spoke at a all girls conference on Saturday and i had a slammin time. well,there was this whole row of about 25 plus size girls sitting together(i call them that only cuz they called themselves that) anyway....the girls all had the same shirt on which said "S.O.S" which meant sistas of size. lol. then to top it all off the leader of the plus size crew was called sista thickness. hilarious! God bless plus size

Friday, May 11, 2007

Jesus wrecked my life

i love it when people share their
story of how their life was a complete wreck and then God saved them
and made their life all better. BUT, lately i think i've really kinna
been captivated by those people who tell their story about how they
came from a nice, conservative family, went to a nice private school,
then went off to a nice little college and finished with a nice little
degree with a very nice-promising future. you know, those pep's that
just have it all together AND THEN GOD.....wrecked everything. i love it! abandon all the nice stuff to live this radically different life from the culture we live in. God all thru the scriptures wrecked pep's lives and not one person ever regretted it. WOW! my prayer is that when my life looks nice that God would completely wreck it. YEAHYA

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

diamond in the rough

i was down in donaldsonville at the dreamcenter helping put together this sweet,mackdaddy,ginormaso, honkin swingset playground thingamajig.....and i met this really humble artist that seemed really cool. we chatted and he told me about his work so i decided to check it out. kinna cool if your into art. it's sorta primative art with alot of L.A. roots so check out my boy alvin batiste. bily bob thorton used his art for an album. sweet! this guy is a diamond in the rough=there are treasures in DVILLE and this guy was one of them.

Friday, May 4, 2007

danger at the deli

so today i was grabbin a lil lunch with a buddy of mine at Jason's deli when suddenly i almost got beat down by this dude wearing a pair of cajun reeboks=white shrimpin boots and rockin a sweet mullet. well, to make a long story short...all of you bloggers know how it is, everywhere you go you are constantly coming across something cool and your 1st thought is "l've gotta take a pix andblog that' right? well today it almost got me killed cuz i was following this guy all thru J-deli and i couldnt get a shot off with my phone-cam. 1st i followed him to the salad bar but twice i missed the kill shot then finally at the fontain drink machine he busted me. so i did what any hardcore blogger would do...i sat right behind him and this was the best shot i could get. i took about 50plus snaps but this dude was all over the place. GOD BLESS THE MULLETS1

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

sharing life

just a little update on my good friend marc who was once homeless. he now has an apartment, a bike and above is a pix of him filling out a job application. funny thing is that he put me down as a reference with my cell numbered and since he doesn't have a phone he also put my cell number down as his contact number. so the boss at this place called me as a reference and then 2minutes later called me thinking i was marc telling me i got the job. SWEET huh? keep marc in your prayers. i got it wrong for so long thinking that the gospel was just me sharing my message...i definitely haven't arrived but God is steady teaching me that the gospel(good news) isn't me just sharing my message but its sharing my very life with those that need a tangible gospel. i love how the apostle Paul candidly put it.....

"We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us." -1 Thessalonians 2:8

Monday, April 30, 2007

invisible children

we brought about 40 students and leaders down to Tulane and slept in cardboard boxes to be apart of the vigil to bring awareness to the northern Uganda crisis. we had a great time. Friday nite we watched the invisible children dvd to show the students really why we were going to N.O. and i couldn't hold back the see these precious children have to leave their homes and sleep piled on top of each other in the hospitals and train stations in the city just for, it smoked me. we are so blessed but we cant stop at our blessing we must be active in and with our blessing! to check out more about the n.Uganda crisis go to invisible children also, look at the above pix how weird JP looks kinna standing there in stalker mode by his lonesome....what a weirdo hahahahah below is me and my beautiful bride jennifer......hola

Saturday, April 28, 2007

next generation servants

today we brought a bunch of students to prescott middle school for one of our justice projects....basically we rolled up to this school that has very very limited resources and very very great needs....we brought a lil hpc t.l.c.....painted their gym,locker rooms, and the biggie...we totaly did a extreme makover to the teachers lounge b/c it was struggling and next week is teachers appreciation. what an oppurtunity to serve our community and show the love of God. mad kudos to lori fotenot for throwin this gig together...also mad props to the students. change the world by serving one.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

vote for tee

rate the submerge tee from 1-10