Saturday, August 25, 2007

mo blog please come back to me

well,well,well......i feel like a stranger to the blog world but here i am not really in full swing but at least i'm swingin!!! still no mo-blog but i'm workin on it.

last wednessday nite was increedible to have pastor dino chillin with us down at our youth service...he preached about that old chick from 2 sammy 20 that choped off sheba's was heeps good!!!! p diddy is the most amazing pastor on the planet!!!!! mad kudos to you rizzonator for showin up and actin rowdy with us.

o' all you weirdos from refuge and pathfinders dont forget about the 12 o clock service at highland on the weekends.....its officially the youth takeover service....VIP seating......mad crazy worchip.......the GHOST ya, come sit by the rest of us psychos during service every weekend at the highland campus 12'oclock service. i'll see you there sucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

i need a support group

just wanted everyone to know that i apologize that i haven't posted lately....i know, it makes me sad too. the reason is because i usually post from my phone but i just got a new phone and it isn't letting me mo-blog......i promise to get this problem fixed.....please keep me in your prayers cuz i'm having a really tough time with this!!!!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Jesus or Kenny G?

this is a pic i took over at a friend"s parents house.....very weird!!! their Jesus looks like "Kenny G." but something inside me just tells me that my Jesus looked nothing like this guy. theres this amazing book by phillip yancey called the Jesus i never knew that will rock your face off. it talks about the real Jesus, and how the real Jesus is prolly nothing like we imagine....pretty cool so check it out.

Friday, August 3, 2007

alabama on a mission

this is a pic of jared ray and 4.5 waiting at the entrance of p.f. changs like papparazzi for a guy that had the biggest and baddest unibrow in the world. the mission was a success and i'll consider posting the pic later today once i stop laughing at how ridiculous my friends are.

not he best pic in the world but is shane and shane busting up some worship at the desperation conference im at right now. God is doing so many great things in our generation....its awesome to be here at this great church (church of the highlands) i'll give you a link later.