Thursday, September 27, 2007


i was hanging out at morning prayer a couple of days ago and i looked up above the door that exits the annex(which is the room we use for REFUGE our youth service) and i had a thought.

"i wonder how many students will exit this door for the last time and still not know HIM? better yet, how many students from our youth will exit this life and enter eternity and still not know HIM? how many in this generation today will exit this life and enter eternity and not know HIM?

then last not at our service 15 students gave their hearts to JESUS and one girl came up to me and Jennifer (my rib) and she said,"i'll never exit these doors the same again...tonight i gave my life to Jesus and i know where i'll spend eternity."
i love it...its about peoples eternity and the moment i forget it i need to jus shut it down.

HAMANISM#41 "i wont leave here like i came, in Jesus name..." hahahahaha

Friday, September 21, 2007

the joshua problem

do you remember those cheezy leadership pix that made for nice office decor a couple of years back? i actually went to this guys house (a bachelor obviously)who had a collection of these cheezball posters hung on every wall of his looked like he robbed office depot? hahah anyway i have a couple of thoughts to share on leadership.
moses trained Joshua as an apprentice. sadly,Joshua never trained a Joshua. leaders must see that part of their job is training the next generation to lead behind them. LEADERS MULTIPLY. Moses knew that “success without a successor is a failure.” i thought about this and asked myself 2 questions: “who am i developing as the next generation of leaders?” and “what am i doing to develop them?” Because “the chief goal of a leader is not to build followers, but to build more leaders.” WHO IS YOUR JOSHUA?