Friday, December 21, 2007

"keep it gutta"

a couple of pics from homeless breakfast this thursday morning along with some thoughts from those who help serve.these are some of my favorite friends on the planet!!!!
"Homeless breakfasts has always captivated my attention. From the first time I went I have been amazed at the need that is just right around the corner. From the conversations you have to the breakfast you can look into their eyes and see you are making a difference. Perceptions are shattered, hearts are changed, and lives are transformed and this is all over breakfast. When you pull away pieces of your heart are still left with them. You go in the hopes of trying change lives but instead you leave with yours transformed." -chris val

Almost a year ago, we started feeding the homeless breakfast on Thursday mornings. In the beginning, we fed about twenty people. Since then, we've seen it grow to almost 100 people. It's amazing to see how such a small thing can be such a great blessing to these people. While serving on Thursday mornings, you get to know these people. They become more than just faces – you know their lives' stories.I realized, that we do more than just feed the people breakfast on Thursday mornings. Because of Jesus inside us, we can give them hope when we hand them a breakfast, we can help them realize God's plan for their lives when we pray with them, and we can let them know they aren't forgotten when we ask them how they're doing. every thursday morning im reminded of how great our God is and how much he cares about his people. Im reminded what my purpose is and what the purpose of the church is – to serve and love the people and that it's all about Jesus."- gabby leblanc

Thursday, December 13, 2007

this is a pic of me and my boy the haminator last week over in sicily.....that massive mountain behind us is actually the worlds largest active volcano=mt. etna. anyway, we had an amazing time in sicily and i cant wait to head back over. ill post some more pics from the trip soon.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

nasty beats

this guy is amazing...tell me whatcha think?