Sunday, October 28, 2007

the beez baby

the highlight from "live the dream".......those tights had all the ladies goin crazy...and J.P. did a great job choreographing the dance i would have to say. the conference was awesome...mad kudos to all the chicks who threw this 5star weekend.

Friday, October 19, 2007

trolls and truth

here's a great quote from a book I'm currently reading:
"Missions is not an action of a handful of global church advocates in a foreign land, but the loving drive of the God who is a missionary God reclaiming all of His creation from the inner cities to the suburbs to the ends of the earth. Biblical justice is not sending money to a hunger organization at thanksgiving, but collectively working to overturn the systemic patterns that cause the haves to have more and the have-nots to sink further into poverty. Evangelism is not slipping a four spiritual laws tract under the dinner plate as a tip to the unsaved waitress. It is building a caring relationship with her and her family which emanates Christ's compassion. Worship is not lifting hands to God alone, but lifting the downtrodden and rejected as well."

thanks to the leblanc family for this slammin book!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

the smell of ministry

this is a pix of our closing prayer after homeless breakfast prayed by my boy St. peter(guy in the khaki). here's the funny thing about Pete....Pete smells very very bad and spits alot when he speaks and did i mention that he loves to hug you and talk real close about how thankful he is that we come share Jesus with him. when you leave homeless breakfast you leave smelling like "ST.PETE for men", if you know what i mean. i use to want to go home right afterward and shower and change so that i could get that smell off of me but not anymore....i kinna like carrying that smell throughout my day b/c it helps me carry Pete throughout my day. today i couldn't stop thinking about much God loves him and people like him. its the smell of the poor, the forgotten, the abandoned.....Jesus loves that smell!!! Jesus is drawn to that smell.... could it be true that the very smells that we turn our nose from God turns His heart to?
do you love that smell?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

the black stallion

i havent seen the stallion in over a week but last nite the 5.0. came beaten down my door at 3:45am to wake me up cuz they found her....ahhhhh! i pick her up tomorow....cross your fingers cuz i dont know the damages yet, all i know is they busted the windows out but thats cool cuz the a.c. dont work anyway so now i got that "ascension perish all natural a.c." hahahahaha anyway, GOD is good.

Monday, October 1, 2007

its just a test

2 weeks ago i preached out of Job 1 about being tested...job's story is a story of incredible loss but also incredible devotion. his response to everything being stripped from him was "i came into this world with nothing and i will leave with nothing, the lord gives and the lord takes away BUT BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!!!" after all the test Job went thru you end up in chapter 42 where God gives him double what he had before. my point was: "faith thats never been tested cant be trusted." God wants to trust you with more but first there must be a test.

well after that sermon i felt like God said to get ready for your test jason...."have you considered my servant tweezy?" well, this past week has definitely been a test. on Monday my wife got in a wreck,Tuesday her family had some serious things come down,Wednesday my family had some issues,Friday i got in a wreck and on Sunday morning i went outside to leave for church and my car had been stolen. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!!" OYA, MY INSURANCE COMPANY IS NOT COVERING IT!!!PRAIZE EM. but you now what? faith thats never been tested cant be trusted and im just thankful that God has counted me trustworthy of this test b/c when my chapter 42 comes i know God will give me double for my trouble.

#42 God will give you double for yo trouble hahahaha