Sunday, July 29, 2007

messed up

this question has messed me up......i wrote it in my journal but its engraved in my heart. "am i living a life worth telling stories about?" what about you? is your life worth telling stories about?

Saturday, July 28, 2007


that cat from "korn" that got saved gave this nasty beast to the youth department at the
l.a. dreamcenter and every wednessday they give it to one of the students with like a tank of gas and a free nite on the town or something!!!! sorry refuge all i got is my moms gangsta buick....hahahaha

Thursday, July 26, 2007

my moms buick has a demon

today me and a couple of my students decided to hook my mom up with some chrome hubcaps on her car as a lil joke. we looked for spiners but this was the most gangsta set i could find....anyway, while i was tryin to put these sweet rims on in the parkin lot of walmart i accidently sliced a whole in the tire....opps! SO, going along with the gangsta flow i looked in my moms trunk for some ductape to do a lil patchwork but all i found was some band aids so bandaids it was. i figured that the bandaids would get me to the tire store and i could just get a samll patch and be cool. BUT to my surprise i ended up having to purchase a new tire.ouch! my $15 joke rims turned into a $100 surprise for mom. point of the story: to be gangsta it may cost you some bling

Saturday, July 21, 2007

family in L.A.

this is my new friend "robert." he has lived on skid row for 20plus years. cool thing is that i got to pray with him yesterday and just listen to his story...the "ear" ministry is prolly the most effective ministry here on the streets cuz everyone has a story and everyone loves to tell their story. roberts story is much like the rest of the people you meet here....marked with pain, loneliness and addiction. BUT he told me that 3months ago he gave his life to Jesus..i know sometimes its hard to believe it when people tell you that they are followers of Jesus and yet their life looks like a wreck right? but something inside of me compelled me to believe him...maybe God reminding me that my life often looks like a wreck and yet God doesnt question my devotion to Him. robert said he quit "using" about three months ago but he wanted me to pray that God would help him in his pursuit to stay
clean. so i prayed..and me and robert wepted and hugged each other in a croud of 300 homeless people!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the well on sunset boulevard

today were servin up a lil lemonade on sunset bl and prayin for's really awesome to think that God can take a refreshing cup of lemonade with no strings attached....and use it to draw a thirsty man or woman to the well of His grace. today im reminded of the woman at the well that met Jesus.....she was broken,empty,and thirsty....longing for somethin to fill her emptiness....then she met Jesus. i love how ;esus takes something so common as water to connect with her about her thirst for "living water".....he said "the water i can give you will satisfy you for good....youll never thirst agan." today Jesus still mets people at their the well was sunset bl and insted of water he used lemonade to communcate His desire to quench their thirsty satisfy the longing that they will never be able to fill on their own. cool thing about the john 4 woman is that
once she met Jesus she left her empty jar at the well....i hope today that someone did the same

are there tacos in heaven?

this is me and a couple of the guys from the L.A. trip....we were starving and we ran into this hot lil joint on sunset bl called the burrito king...slammin!!! the best carne asada tacos on the planet. we got lucky when we stumbled across this holy ghost taco stand cuz it sure beats the fish\mystery sea creature they were servin up in the cafeteria back at the dreamctr....there definately will be tacos in heaven

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

this massive bldg behind me is the L.A. dreamcenter....i'm here with 24 of our h.s. students doin a lil missions.....i've got tons to post about but no time now so i'll hook you up with some slammin pics and post over the next 2 weeks....i promise!!! wait till you hear some of the stories....its gonna rock your face off :]

Friday, July 13, 2007

hearts of stone

this is a pix of me and the greatest youth band on the planet! on Thursday GOD rocked our faces off.....we had the opportunity to bust up a summer school chapel at christian life academy
and God so amazed us like He always does. you can prolly imagine the type of crowd we were workin with...."summer school" enough said right? i myself was part of the 5 year summer school plan at C.L.A and i remember everyone including myself were not too happy about participating in a 1hour chapel considering at that point in my life i was not a follower of Jesus and neither was 95% of the rest of the bunch.....

well, thursday the crowd looked just like the crowd from my summer school days= "hearts of stone" with faces to prove it. well, the band opened up with 3 rockin songs and then finished with Tab breakin out a lil GHOSTFEST "the more i seek you" and at that moment you could just sense the presence of God overtake the room. well by the time i got up to speak the table was already set and i could just sense that God was bout to do something.....i really didn't know what to speak on and i only had 18min to cover whatever i was going to, so i just preached the raw gospel.

billy graham once said," the only regret i have is that i didn't preach the gospel enough." that thought rang in my heart and i knew i may not get the chance to speak to these students ever again and i definitely didn't want to walk away with regrets so i went for it. at the close of the service the altars were flooded with students weeping and crying ( summer school) and i couldn't believe it! we began praying with the students as the band began to play the song "Jesus paid it all..." and at a place in the song the lyrics say," Lord, now indeed I find
Thy pow’r, and Thine alone,
Can change the leper’s spots
And melt the heart of stone."

WOW! thursday it was not good music or good preaching that changed cannot do what i saw...only the gospel of Jesus Christ can melt a heart of stone. i hope i never forget the power of the gospel...there's nothing more precious and more powerful than that...nothing. the crazy thing is that over seven years ago i had i dream of me preaching at CLA...i actually sat down the principal at that time and told him that i felt God wanted me to speak to the school and here we are seven years later and God gave the band and me an opportunity to serve. WOW! Habakkuk 2 says,"For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail Though it tarries, wait for it;For it will certainly come, it will not delay.

Monday, July 9, 2007

well......i wanted to switch things up today so i decided to drive my moms car(a sweet 1998 hunter green BUICK century).....sweat me! anyway, i drive 2 minutes down the street, hop out real fast and locked the keys in the car.....praize em! oya and it was raining...praize em 2times!!
so i end up calling the biggest monopoly know to man..."pop-a-lock." the guy bust up in my moms ride in less than 2minutes flat....then gives me an invoice for fifty smackers. i hate pop a lock! the point of the story...don't ever drive a green buick cuz its bad luck.

i think im goona put some spinners on the buick...ya, thats what i'll do

Friday, July 6, 2007

i work with the YMCA.....griffis and 4.5....what a bunch of losers!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

help for nag champas bride

i need a massive favor from all my homies....a freind of mine needs your votes and below is a breif description of what it's all about. i was gonna try explain it myself but i was scared that i would mess it up so i cut and pasted this from the haminators blog.

.... great woman in our church, Kacy Edwards, is a former teacher with a heart for the kids of our community. She quit teaching to start an organization called “Career Compass of Louisiana”, which helps high school seniors with their post-secondary endeavors at no charge. Kacy and another former teacher, Julie Scott, go into high schools and sit one-on-one with the kids, offering college and career coaching to them for free! Not only do they inform the students about the more than 30 schools in the area, but they also help them fill out SAT/ACT applications, federal financial aid forms, post-secondary applications, scholarship applications, and anything else they may need to pursue their goals and dreams. They met with and assisted over 500 seniors in EBR parish last year and have plans to expand into Ascension, WBR, Livingston, Iberville and other surrounding areas.

I say all that because Burger King is sponsoring a contest where they will give $50,000 to a winning cause. Out of more than four-thousand organizations, Career Compass has already made the top TEN - but in order to win, they need your help! (Sidenote: they are a two person non-profit up against much larger corporations) You can vote once a day between now and July 13 at You can also text message COMPASS to 287437(BURGER). If you’re on the forgetful side, check out and sign up for daily reminder. Voting will only take a second, but the money Career Compass might win could change the lives of thousands of teenagers in our state. They might even help change the life of someone you love.

Kacy’s relationship with HPC gave her the courage to start this whole thing. Her passion is education and she is leading the charge to change lives in Louisiana. Let’s step up and put this state on the map for something amazing! I’m voting every day- are you?

there are just a few days left in the voting. You can vote every day by sending a text message to 287437 or by clicking here. Read more about what this is about here.

Please do your best to vote every day - it’s free - it matters a ton. Thanks.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

submerge 07

left to right(al makavee, rev. spike, the docta)

sorry to all my readers that i haven't posted in a while i just needed to make it thru summer camp....WOW! God dropped the ghost bomb on us at submerge. we had over a thousand students from all over the nation gather to submerge themselves in the presence of God and it was amazing! we saw hundreds of students saved and changed by God and then on the last day we did a massive baptism at the beach. it was great to have so many awesome Church's and youth pastors there to celebrate what God is doing in our generation. also, mad props to rev. spike for bringing the heat!!!

acts 13:36 "David full filled the purpose of God in "HIS" generation...." i love that.... "his" generation. not just the next generation....not just this generation.....but his generation....this verse reminds me of how I've gotta take ownership for this generation....ownership=responsibility. I'm responsible for my generation. i love what billy graham once said, " there's nothing we can do for the past generation and there's not much we can do for the future generation but we will stand before the judgement seat of the ALMIGHTY GOD and give an account for what we did with "our generation."