Monday, February 16, 2009

tour de SERVE

so here's the deal: Pastor Dino and I had this crazy idea to rock the serve mobile to a couple of the partnering churches that have joined up for the 7 days of SERVOLUTION!! Basically, a couple of guys and I are planning on taking a little tour de serve and trying to drop in on a few of the churches to get some video footage and interviews of what God is doing thru SERVOLUTION....Im pretty stoked about the tour!!! And then to top it all off we plan on taking the serve mobile to the next level and leaving for the ARC conference a few days early to bust up some outreaches the whole way up to the N.C. and then park that mug right all up in the mix!!!! so, heres the deal: i need some of you weirdos to be praying that we can get the serve mobile's heart in good condition cuz she's definitely got some internal issues with the motor OR if you or somebody you know has a clue about mechanical stuff then gimme a shout!!! also, if you or your church want to hook up with hundreds of other churches participating in this massive servolution then you can sign up or check out more info here. holla