Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3rd generation

well, here's the deal....I've been rocking the blackberry for a while but I'm seriously considering pulling the switch-a-roo when I'm up for my upgrade in march. SCARY!!! i really cant stand phone switches and to be honest i really like my blackberry but I'm prolly gonna switch for two reasons:
1. mobile-me to help me with my many calendar issues
2. 3G

anyway be praying for me hahahahaha
for all of you that tuned in needing one of the doctor's spiritual nuggets you may be feeling disappointed at the lack of spiritual content associated with this post so let me, like a good preacher, tie this into something spiritual hahahah but for real...
cool leadership thought i stumbled on during sermon prep...the thought is based on this great passage in 1 kings 12:1-14

Rehoboam illustrates the crucial need to pass on faith in God carefully
and deliberately from one generation to the next. David was the first
generation of a new era of history. The Scriptures remembered him as a
deeply committed man of God who molded a nation from a loosely organized
group of competing tribes. Second generation Solomon inherited a stable
kingdom and simply had to organize the nation.

Rehoboam is a classic example of a pattern of behavior seen in the third
generation. He showed little concern for God or for the nation he was to
rule as the anointed of God. Whether in nations, organizations,
businesses, churches, or families, the third generation is always at risk.
Frequently, they simply inherit the traditions of their parents without
making them their own. The dream of the first generation does not fire
them. They are not compelled to maintain the stability won by the second
generation. They often see no need to walk in the ways of their fathers
and try to make their own way. Lacking commitment to something beyond
themselves, without the guidance and wisdom of a larger community, their
quest for independence becomes their destruction.

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